3 Quick Tips To Make Studying Easier.

I have compiled a few essential tips that every
student in the IM program needs to know.
Take notes and good luck!

Free Study essentials

As a student at FHNW, you have free access to several useful study software.


At the top we have Lynda. Using your school login password you can gain access to a plethora of informative, tutorial style learning materials. With so many options of what you can learn, gain valuable skill in or just to jog your memory on topics you might just like a quick refresh in with there beginner to advanced level tutorials makes it easy to do just that. There are so many topics to choose from, take advantage and learn from experts in software, creative, and business skills.

If you already know about this, great, if not hurry up and try it…..It’s FREE for all FHNW IM students.


For the next software, you can easily first download the free Microsoft Office 365 and then with your student address download Microsoft teams. It makes group work tasks accessible from different locations. This is not only a must-have but also a time saver. With the Microsoft teams you have many useful included features. Some helpful ones being screen sharing, document co-editing, group video chats while screen sharing and Co-editing. I mean group tasks became a whole lot easier if you ask me.


Review and Revise

Well, I hope this next one won’t be an “aha” moment. You should already know this and I hope also already be practicing it. This next point, however, needs to be forced down our throats, well because it is just so important. Period!


With a busy IM study schedule, it can be had to find the time to study, but a little goes a long way. Creating a consistent study routine prereading for a lecture topic and reviewing your notes sooner rather than later will make exam preparations much easier to cope with.


And remember the words of Vince Lombardi, ‘Practice does not make perfect’ Rather ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. So, having the right study tools and tricks makes all the difference.


“Success doesn’t come to you,
you’ve got to go to it.” – Marva

Keep Healthy

Last but not least is keeping healthy. With the busy study schedules mixed with your working career, for the part-timers out there, remember to keep your body and therefore your mind working at it best, we need to keep healthy. This isn’t just to mean eat right but also sleep right. It is recommended to sleep a minimum of 7 hours to give your mind enough rest time to recharge from the day. However, you must be also aware of the quality of sleep you have. So, stay away for your mobile phones before you sleep because this may influence your quality of sleep.


On the same note, you also need to make sure you set aside some time for some exercise. If it is setting up a gym routine or even just morning stretches. But having a balance between mental activity and physical activity will assure that you are most successful and healthy in the long run


If you have any more advice, tips, and tricks on study life, please feel free to include them in the comments below.

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