Christmas on a student budget

Christmas on a student budget 1

Christmas on a It is that magical time of year again. Snow is falling, houses are brightly decorated. Gift wrapping is starting already, but you haven’t bought your loved ones anything yet. Don’t worry, I have included a few tips for a great gift for anyone on a budget. Baked goodies If you are into […]

Resume Tips and Tricks

Resume Tips and Tricks 2

When it comes to job hunting, one of the most challenging tasks on your to-do list is writing your resume. If it is trying to make your resume positively stand out to a company’s HR manager or making sure that you include all the necessary details that would get you that job, writing a resume […]

!!Earn a FREE membership!!

!!Earn a FREE membership!! 3

Why IM Alumni is the next big thing IM Brugg has launched its very own Alumni Club. Its the place to be for every IM student graduate and every student’s dream club. This group will be the main connection platform for Students to create life long Business contacts and that place where long term friendships […]

3 Quick Tips To Make Studying Easier.

3 Quick Tips To Make Studying Easier. 4

I have compiled a few essential tips that every student in the IM program needs to know. Take notes and good luck! Free Study essentials As a student at FHNW, you have free access to several useful study software. At the top we have Lynda. Using your school login password you can gain access to […]

Why is everyone talking about SUSTAINABILITY?

Why is everyone talking about SUSTAINABILITY? 5

Sustainability is a large umbrella term covering three main pillars: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) according to Fritjof Capra. It is defined as the ability to exist indefinitely where the biosphere and human race coexist.  The aim is to achieve a balanced environment where present needs in resources can be meet without compromising future needs.  […]

Do you need to be LinkedIn if you are looking for a new JOB?

Do you need to be LinkedIn if you are looking for a new JOB? 6

With LinkedIn hosting more than 500million professional profiles, the application praises an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities. But is it worth all the hype? Or is it just Facebook gone business, social media copycat? Remember the adoption life cycle? Let me refresh your memories… ­­­Basically, according to how quick you are to […]