Christmas on a student budget

Christmas on a

It is that magical time of year again. Snow is falling, houses are brightly decorated. Gift wrapping is starting already, but you haven’t bought your loved ones anything yet. Don’t worry, I have included a few tips for a great gift for anyone on a budget.

christmas cookies

Baked goodies

If you are into baking, this little nifty trick is for you. You can take the easy route and buy ready mixes from readymade cookie dough or a brownie mix. Whatever you choose, there are several available options for you.

Christmas crafts

Get crafty

Another way to save up the bucks but still having a lot of fun is with arts and crafts. This was you would really gift your loved ones something unique and special. There are lots of options on Christmas gift crafting ideas. You do not have to be a pro at arts and crafts, all you need is a little love and time.

little gifts


This is a pocket-friendly trick. Getting your loved one’s gifts is one thing but getting them useful gifts that they can use is even better. This trick is buying your loved one’s accessories to items they already own. Is mum buying dad a new phone for Christmas? Then consider getting him the perfect phone case. Does one of your siblings have a gaming play station? Then consider getting them a new game to go with it. Buying accessories is a much cheaper option and they can use it.