Resume Tips and Tricks

When it comes to job hunting, one of the most challenging tasks on your to-do list is writing your resume. If it is trying to make your resume positively stand out to a company’s HR manager or making sure that you include all the necessary details that would get you that job, writing a resume can be a bit challenging.

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I have compiled some tips that may help your resume move up a notch.

Choosing the write resume template

There are many free and subscription offered editor programs where you can choose resume templates to suit the job application. Functional resume templates are more generic and emphasize your strengths and work experience. Or you could choose a more creative template for job applications to more creative industries

Resume information checklist

  • Personal contact information
  • Your professional Title (if you are applying to a similar job field)
  • Professional summary or professional objectives
  • List of relevant work experiences
  • List of soft and hard skills
  • Language capabilities
  • Certifications

Key points to pay attention to:

1.Try to stick to the one-page rule

Don’t write an essay! Recruiters go through so many resumes per job application. Get to the point and be relevant. Include information that adds value to the position you are applying for.

2.Clear categories

Remember that you have a short window to impress, stand out and show why you would be a great applicant for the job. Your resume needs to be clearly structured and easy to follow. This includes clear subheadings and timelines.


This is not the time to explore all the cool and weird looking fonts that Microsoft Word has to offer. Keep it simple and keep the focus on what you have to offer as opposed to looking like someone who just went crazy with the FONTS.

Okay, now time to get started. And remember “The future depends on what you do today” Mahatma Gandhi

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